July 10, 2024

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Food Tour Of Southern France Tasting Local Cheese, Pasta and Wine


There’s a lot that goes into planning a vacation. The flights, hotels and activities are all important—but what about the food? Do you know where to go for the best meals in southern France? Let this local expert be your guide.

Baguettes and Camembert

  • Baguettes are a French staple and can be found in every grocery store, bakery and even your local gas station. They’re also delicious when served with Camembert cheese on top.
  • Camembert is a soft cheese that you can spread on baguettes or eat with crackers (if you’re feeling fancy).
  • You can also have it with wine while sitting on your balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea!

Local cheeses and wine tasting

  • The best cheeses to try:
  • Camembert, a soft cheese made from cow’s milk.
  • Roquefort, a blue cheese that gets its color and flavor from molding spores found on rye bread.
  • Epoisses, an aromatic pasteurized cow’s milk cheese with an edible rind that is often described as smelling like ammonia (but don’t let that deter you).
  • Reblochon is another pasteurized cow’s milk cheese with an edible rind; it has been produced since at least the 12th century and was originally made in the French Alps near Geneva by monks who needed something to feed their cows during winter months when there wasn’t much grass available for grazing!

Pasta delights in Provence

Provence is a region in the south of France that’s well-known for its cuisine. While it may not be as well known for its pasta dishes, they’re still popular and easy to find. With so much variety in the region, you’ll find something new every time you visit!

Pasta is one of Italy’s most popular foods and has been adopted by many cultures around the world. Pasta dishes are often served with wine due to their simple preparation and ability to pair with many ingredients such as meat or fish (and sometimes vegetables).

Andouille and Canard de Challans dinner

Andouille and Canard de Challans dinner

Andouille is a type of sausage. The duck is cooked in sauce before being served with potatoes and vegetables. This is a popular dish in Southern France, especially during the winter months when people like to eat warm comfort food.

This is an amazing trip to experience.

This is an amazing trip to experience. You will travel to France and taste local cheese, pasta and wine. You will also enjoy the culture of France and learn about how they make their food.


This is an amazing trip to experience.